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Updated at 1:48 PM

Twist! Unexpected events take place and movie proceeds to climax for a happy ending.A Climax special song is on with Vikram,Shreya and Reema Sen. Review will follow folks.

Updated at 1:38 PM

Vikram is showing his considerable acting talents with multiple getups like Kamal Haasan in Dashavataram.

Updated at 1:28 PM

One more fight breaks out. This time between Vikram and Pradeep Rawath. One on one fight. No progress in story.

Updated at 1:20 PM

Pradeep Rawath makes an entry as Mustafa, an influential and powerful deal broker.

Updated at 1:05 PM

Time for a romantic duet. Shot in a nice locale but choreography is like a typical Venkatesh song.

Updated at 1:00 PM

Intense struggle for a valuable property is on.. Vikram uses Manchu Vishnu's idea in Dhee of shutting down power in phases to determine a location.

Updated at 12:42 PM

Interval after Tamil Mass fight..The story is proceeding along slowly..First half is spent on establishing a plot and some romance between the lead pair.

Updated at 12:30 PM

Item song is on now..Saloni is the item girl. Vikram's character is that of a small artiste trying to make it big in movies as a villain.

Updated at 12:20 PM

Time for the first song of the movie 'Etu Vaipu Etu Vaipu'.

Updated at 12:10 PM

Vishwanath is playing Love Guru to Vikram as hero tries to woo the heroine..

Updated at 12:05 PM

Romantic track building up between Vikram and Deeksha Seth.

Updated at 12:00 PM

Veteran actor and director Vishwanath is introduced as Dakshina, a helpless old man.

Updated at 11:55 AM

Massive fight breaks out in typical Tamil masala style..Vikram is attempting Jackie Chan's style from 'Drunken Master' Wow! Local MLA's official car is a Hummer H2 .. Character actress Sana is that powerful local politician 'Akka'. Strange to see a Hummer H2 in a government convoy.

Updated at 11:48 AM

Deeksha Seth is introduced in a glamorous way in a wet bathroom shot.

Updated at 11:40 AM

Vikram makes a violent and macho entry..Dialogues in multiple languages.

Updated at 11:35 AM

The movie has just started with interesting title cards that have the theme of land registration documents.

Updated at 11:20 AM

Hello folks..We will be bringing you live updates from Chiyan Vikram's movie 'Veedinthe'.. Watch this space

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